Crawlspace Repair

Image of mold growth on floor joists in the crawlMost homeowners don’t consider the state of their crawlspace until a problem arises or a home inspection report brings it to their attention. Left untreated, though, a crawlspace with inadequate moisture control can foster the growth of mold, degrade the R-value of your existing insulation or even ruin it entirely, damage your HVAC duct-work, and eventually erode the structural integrity of the floor joists of your home. Similar to most home repair and maintenance problems, a crawlspace with mold growth or high moisture levels will become progressively worse if it is left untreated.


The most important factor in the condition of a crawlspace is moisture. We happen to live in one of the most humid areas of the country, so leaving moisture control up to nature alone is almost always a mistake. The grading of your lawn, the direction of your home’s downspouts, and the condition of the insulation on any ductwork installed inside the crawl, can all be contributing factors to high moisture levels.


Image of drooping insulation in crawlspaceHomeowners with wood flooring need to be careful of moisture levels within their crawlspace. In extreme cases, excess moisture in a crawlspace can cause wood flooring to buckle or cup. This is why many flooring companies require a crawlspace inspection prior to installing new flooring. Consider a crawlspace evaluation if your flooring is not level, if you have a swampy or moldy smell coming from your air vents, or if you plan on selling your home.

Crawlspace Inspections and Remediation

Image of a messed up crawl


A thorough inspection can evaluate whether your crawlspace needs attention due to mold or high moisture levels, or if it is in good condition already. We can determine any sources of excess moisture, gauge the level of damage if any is present, and establish a remediation     strategy that fits both your home’s unique variables and your repair budget.


We specialize in cost-effective, complete crawlspace solutions, including:

  • Partial Encapsulations
  • Moisture/Vapor Barriers ranging from 6 to 12 mil thicknesses, with or without antimicrobial properties
  • Mold remediation
  • Repair or replacement of drooping insulation
  • Crawl levelling
  • Repair or replacement of fallen duct-work
  • Dehumidification options, including Honeywell TrueDry dehumidifiers
  • Interior and exterior French drains
  • Wood encapsulation
  • Standing water removal

Crawlspace Repairs and Dehumidifier Warranties

Crawlspace repairs such as antimicrobial remediation, moisture/vapor barriers, and re-installation of damaged R-19 insulation automatically include our standard one-year limited warranty. One-year warranties also include a free 6-month check-up inspection on covered repairs and is transferable to new homeowners in the event you sell your home before the expiration of the warranty.

Completed moisture barrier in a crawlspaceFor further peace of mind, we also offer extended crawlspace repair warranties. After the initial 6-month inspection, extended warranties include an annual free check-up appointment and are also transferable.

Honeywell automatically covers their TrueDry dehumidifiers with a 5-year parts warranty. We further warranty the equipment with a one-year labor/installation warranty, and extended warranties on dehumidifiers are also available.